Adjectives 2

Adjectives 2

Further information on Adjectives

Position of Adjectives

- They are used before nouns to describe them.

The Tall girl stood by the marble statue

- They are used after verbs like 'to be', 'to become', 'to get' and 'to turn'/

He turned red at her compliment because she was so direct.

Order of Adjectives
- Adjectives are stated in the order of general quality, size, shape, shape, age, color, origin, substance/material.

The priceless, 10th century, bronze Egyptian statue was on display at museum.

- These tell us how many things or how much of something is being spoken of.

each - Each finalist in the contest will received a prize.

every - Every boy was wearing a tie.

either - Either Dennis or Leo will accompany us.

neither - Neither Bessie nor Shawn is coming.

none - None of them are here yet.

everyone - Everyone will be there.

few - Very few people enjoy this sport.

much - We do not have much time to get there.