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The correct preposition

The correct preposition

Sometimes there is a situation where only one preposition is 'correct'.
For example:

We arrived at 8 o'clock.

Very often, more than one preposition is possible depending on the meaning. All the following correct examples have subtly different meanings:
I'll meet you at the station.
I'll meet you in the station.
I'll meet you by the station.
I'll meet you in front of the station.
I'll meet you beside the station.
I'll meet you behind the station.
I'll meet you inside the station.
I'll meet you around the station.

Expressions with prepositions

Most prepositions have a literal meaning which we are all familiar with: on, in, at, through, etc. When prepositions are part of an expression, it is important to learn the whole expression. There is usually no point in trying to explain why a particular preposition is used.

For example:
a cheque for £200
a good memory for faces
go on strike
pay in advance

The best advice is to teach expressions like these as 'wholes'.

Preposition 2

Preposition can be used

- in fixed pharase

(insist on, need to, plead with, prefer to, suffer from)

1. She insisted on having her own way even though he pleaded with her.

- in idiomatic expressions


(at one's finger tips, from top to toe, in the same boat, play with fire, under lock and key)

1. He was covered with paint from top to toe.
2. She had the information at her fingertips.

- with relative pronouns

(about, at, for , from, in, on)

1. The tupperware in which you placed the sandwiches has been misplaced.
2. The girl from whom you borrowed the pen has been looking for you.


Preposition 1

Type of Preposition

Prepositions of place/direction

across, at, from, in, near, of , under, up

1. We started out from home at six o'clock this morning and arrived at our destination at noon

2. Rosy and Carol spread the mat under the tree near the stream.

Preposition of time

about, after, at, from, on, till

1. I'll be on holiday from this Monday till next Friday.

2. Jonathan goes to school at a quarter to eight every morning.

Prepositions of agent/source

by, from, over, through, with

1. Shawn Lim comes from a poor family.

2. We received the parcel of books written by John Steinbeck through your sister.