Articles etc : Determiners, Some and Any

Articles etc

This section deals with that area known as determiners - articles (a/an, the),cquantifiers (some, any, a few etc), possessives (my, your etc) - the words which come in front of nouns and before adjectives.

Some and any

We used to give students the simple but misleading rule: use some in positive statements and any in negative statements and questions. This reduced the problem to a structural one when the real problem was the difference in meaning between some and any.

Some is used to talk about a restricted quantity or amount:

I've got some very nice friends. I'm very lucky.
I know some people who never vote.
I don't like some modern music.
Any is used when the quantity or amount is unrestricted:
He doesn't have any friends. He's so difficult.
I don't know anyone who doesn't vote Labour.
I don't like any modern music.