Concord 1

Type of Concord/Agreement

- between subject and verb

Definition & Usage
The subject determines the form of the verb. A singular subject takes a singular verb and a plural subject takes a plural verb.

1. I am strong.
2. You are very tall.
3. That man has a new car.
4. We have an errand to run.

- between noun and pronoun

Definition & Usage
The pronoun must agree with the noun it replaces in number (singular or plural) and sometimes, in gender (masculine, feminine or neuter).

1. Dennis is my friend. He is coming over later.

2. The carpet is dusty. I must vacumn it.

3. If you see Xiumei, please tell her I need to speak with her.

4. The boys are here. They came together

- between clausal subject and verb

Definition & Usage

The clausal subject is usually singular.


1. Whatever happened to the missing ocean liner remains a mystery

2. Whatever we decided upon there then still holds now.

- notional concord

Definition & Usage

Notions or ideas usually take a singular verb.


1. Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money to him.

2. His bread and butter is greatly affected by the recession.