Sentence Function

Declarative sentence (statements)

Definition & Usage
This makes point and has complete though. It ends with a full stop.

1. He is pruning the rose bush.

2. I am getting married.

3. He enjoy skiing.

Interrogative Sentence (questions)

Definition & Usage
This asks a question and ends with a question mark.

1. Has he pruned the rose bush?

2. When are you getting married?

3. Does he like skiing?

Imperative Sentence (directives, commands, requests)

Definition & Usage
This makes a request and ends with a full stop or an exclamation mark.

1. Prune the rose bush.

2. Tell me now!

3. Bring me those skis.

Exclamative Sentence (interjections, exclamations)

Definition & Usage
This expresses a strong feeling such as surprise, joy, pain, anger, etc. and ends with an exclamation mark.

1. Ouch! What a prickly rose bush!

2. Hey! That's just next month!

3. Wow! These skis are heavy!


Definition & Usage
These are strong feelings such as suprise, joy, pain, horror or anxiety. They are normally exclamation marks.

1. ah - Ah! This is the life!

2. alas - Alas! We are too late!

3. hello - Hello! How's life?

4. hey - Hey! That's my car!

5. hurray - Hurray! It's holiday-time!

6. oh - Oh! I've dropped it.

7. ouch - Ouch! It nipped me!

8. ugh - Ugh! What a horrible sight!