Noun Clauses

Noun Clauses

This takes the place of a noun. It answers the question 'What?'.

This may be used
- as a subject of a verb

1. What you did just now frightened her greatly.

2. Where he has gone remains an unsolved mystery.

- as the object of a verb

1. I heard that she has gone to Japan.

2. I don't know when he will return.

- as the complement of a verb

1. It is unlikely that we will reach home before midnight.

2. The truth is they do not enjoy his company.

- in opposition to a noun

1. The news that he is getting married is not true.

2. The information that he received was false.
- in apposition to 'it'

1. It is plain that they do not need our help.

2. It is obvious that he does not want to see us.

- as the object of a preposition

1. He was ashamed of what he had said.

2. I must find out where they have hidden the rubies.

- following certain adjectives

1. I am certain that i have seen you somewhere before.

2. Henry is quite confident that he will do well in the examination.