Participial Phrase

Participial Phrase

Definition & Usage
This consists of a participle and a complement or modifier of the participles.

Example: Kevin walked into the classroom, wearing a pair of neon coloured bermudas.

It usually describes the subject of the sentence.
Example: The girls seated at the porch were talking among themselves.

It can be used - with a present participle

1. Runing after bus, he slipped and fell.
2. The path leading to the mansion was strewn with leaves.
3. The man yelled to her, telling her to watch out for the runaway car.

It can be used - with a past participate

1. Terrified by the grisly sight, she screamed.
2. The man wanted for armed robbery has not been caught yet.
3. The items placed on those shelves have not been priced yet.