Coordinating conjunction

Definition & Usage
These are used to join words or phrases

and, but, for , nor, or, than, yet

My friend is tall and well-built.

He would rather play a game of soccer than watch it.

Our new teacher is strict but kind.

Correlative Conjunction

Definition & Usage
These are used in pairs

either ... or
neither .. nor
noth ... and
not only ... but also
whether .. or

Either beef or pork can be used in this recipe.

Both my brother and my sister are coming for the party

Not only is she a good businesswoman but also an excellent housewife.

Subordinating conjunctions

Definition & Usage
These are used to join parts of sentences

although, because, if, since, unless, until, when, whenever

Although they were poor, they were happy.

I will be there if I finish my work on time.

He went home early because he was not feeling well.