Past Prefect Tense

Past Prefect Tense

Define & Usage This is conjugated with had + the past participle. It is used
- for an action which had been completed by a certain time in the past

For examples

By the time he arrived, the meeting had ended.

I had learnt to talk by the time I was six months old.

- for a sequence of actions that occurred in the past.
For examples
I went our after I had taken my shower.

She had already finished baking when we arrived.

- to replace the present perfect in indirect speech.
For examples
Direct : He said, "I have already eaten."
Indirect : He said that he had already eaten.

- to show an unfulfilled desire of wish, usually used after 'wish','if only', etc.
For examples
If only I had helped her, this would never have happened.

I wish I had told him earlier.

- to describe an event or state which has the meaning of 'the past in the past'
For examples She had always told us that we were welcome anytime.

We had never ever seen things eye to eye.

- in the 'if clause' of a conditional sentence, to show an event that might have happened in the past but is impossible now.

For examples
If I had known about it, I would have done something.

If he had realized, he would not have spoken so hastily.