Expressing Future Time

Future Tense

Definition & Usage

This is conjugated with

- shall/will + infinitive
'Shall' is used with I and We.
'Will' is used with you, he, she, it and they.

I shall come over later

They will see us tomorrow.

- be + going + infinitive


She is going to tell us the news after lunch.

We are going to play soccer this afternoon.

- be + to infinitive, to express a plan or command.

You are not to see him again, do you hear?

We are to meet them there at eight o'clock tonight.

- be about to + infinitive, to express the near future

He is about to take his shower.

I am about to have my lunch.

- present simple, to express the near future

The plane leaves in a hour's time.

We set off on our journey tomorrow.

- present continuous, to denote the future

I am coming over to see you later.

They are going to Johor Bahru tomorrow.

- will/shall + be + continuous ( for planned events)

He will be having his lunch with us later.

She will be joining him tomorrow.