Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns
These are used to refer to persons or things alreally mentioned. They also join two statements about the same person or things

The dog which barked at the postman belongs to Timothy

Who, Whose and Whom
These are used for people

This is used for nimals and things

This is used for people, animals and things.

What (that which)
This is used for things.

They can be used as subjects of verbs


The girl who just walked in is my consin.

The book which I gave you was written by Elizabeth Elliot

The cat that chased the rat just climbed up the tree

They can be used as objects of verbs


The man whom we spoke to is manager.

The money which you gave me has been used to buy school books.

The money that he gave us was won in lottery.

They can be used with perpositions ( that cannot follow a preposition)


The man to whom I spoke just now is my husband.

The girl that you sat with on the bus is my sister.

The people with whom I went camping are my schoolmates.

They can be used whose is used in the possesive case for people


Terry, whose brother is a pilot, is studying law.

The girl, whose job involves looking after the children, is studying to be a child psychologist.

They can be used as what is used to mean that which


Show me what you can do,

Please tell me what happened here.