Personal Pronouns

Definition & Usage
These are used to refer to oneself, the people one is talking to, or the people or things one is talking about.

They can be be used as subjects of verbs

For Example
I = I am Singaporean.
You = You are very smart.
He = He is so handsome!
She = She is coming soon
It = It is a good idea
We = We are very excited
They = They live next door.

They can be be used as objects of verbs
For Example

me = Mr Shawn called me.
you = I will show you later.
him = I met him just now.
her = We took her home.
it = I received it just now.
us = They saw us last night.
them = Someone has called them.

The objective form of the personal pronoun can also be used
- after the verb "to be"
- after prepositions
- after the word 'let'
- after the word 'between'

For Example
It was me who called you.
He was talking to me.
Let him have his way.
Between him and me, we soon finished the ice-cream sundaes.